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Strategic Goal

Define the objective of the desired end-state of your adversary engagement operations.

The Strategic Goal is the big picture objective that drives all of the approaches and activities used in an adversary engagement operation. The Strategic Goal allows the defender to align all actions to reach the desired end-state. There are three high-level strategic goals in adversary engagement operations: to Expose adversaries on the network, to Affect adversaries on the network, or to Elicit new information about adversaries.

These big strategic outcomes can support objectives such as protecting a specific high-value technology or person by exposing adversaries targeting that technology or person, protecting against insider threats by affecting the adversary's ability to steal sensitive data, or increasing the defender's understanding of the threat landscape by eliciting new adversary TTPs, etc. Every action taken in the planning, execution, and analysis of an operation should be aligned with the strategic goal. Therefore, it is important to define this goal early on. Input from any involved stakeholders should be considered when choosing the strategic goal.

Note, due to feedback received, this Activity will be renamed in the V1 release to disambiguate strategic operational outcomes from the Strategic Goals listed in the Matrix.

ID: SAC0001
Type:  Strategic 
Goals:  Prepare
Approaches:  Planning