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Plan and create the deception story.

Storyboarding is the process of creating the deception story through a sequence of events, interactions, the persona's pattern of life, etc. A large part of Storyboarding is creating this pattern of life for the persona(s) using the system(s). The pattern of life can include behaviors such as using email or chat software, browsing the Internet, using system software, or physically moving the device (particularly important for mobile devices and laptops).

The defender must determine how the Persona's behavior and other events in the environment will be generated. Personas may be generated automatically with tooling, manually with human operators, or some combination of both. The availability of defender resources may greatly impact the frequency of manually executing behaviors.

Not every action taken in the environment needs to be planned in advance. However, the defender should have a general idea of what actions will be taken. Setting up a storyboard early in the planning process will allow the operation to run smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly, consistently, regardless of operator, so as not to reveal the ruse.

ID: SAC0003
Type:  Strategic 
Goals:  Prepare
Approaches:  Planning