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Approaches are the plans you select to progress towards achieving your big objectives.

Approaches in Engage can be Engagement Approaches or Strategic Approaches.

Strategic Approaches help you to focus on the steps you must complete before, during, and after an operation to ensure that your activities are aligned with your overall strategy. Strategic Approaches help ensure that your operations of today inform your operations of tomorrow. All Strategic Approaches have an ID that starts with SAP.

Engagement Approaches help you to identify what actions you would like to take against your adversary and help you to drive progress towards that impact. All Engagement Approaches have an ID that starts with EAP.

Check out each of the various Approaches below for an in-depth discussion on each specific Approach.

Strategic Approaches

Planning Identify and align an operation with a desired end-state. SAP0001
Analysis Retrospective review of information gained from an operation . SAP0002

Engagement Approaches

Collection Gather adversary tools, observe tactics, and collect other raw intelligence about the adversary's activity. EAP0001
Detection Establish or maintain awareness in regard to adversary activity. EAP0002
Prevention Stop all or part of the adversary's ability to conduct their operation as intended. EAP0003
Direction Encourage or discourage the adversary from conducting their operation as intended. EAP0004
Disruption Impair an adversary's ability to conduct their operation as intended. EAP0005
Reassurance Add authenticity to deceptive components to convince an adversary that an environment is real. EAP0006
Motivation Encourage an adversary to conduct part or all of their mission. EAP0007