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Identify and align an operation with a desired end-state.

Planning is used to identify and align an operation within the context of strategic goals. By helping the defender to first identify their goals, Planning ensures that all engagement activities are focused and driving forward progress. Additionally, planning ensures that the defender can integrate the inputs of the various stakeholders at the beginning of an operation to ensure that the operation is efficient, effective, and safe. Finally, Planning activities ensure that each operation is informed by the successes and learns from the failures of past operations.

ID: SAP0001
Type:  Strategic
Goals:  Prepare


Activity NameDescriptionID
Define Exit Criteria Define the set of events that would lead to the unnegotiable conclusion to the operation. SAC0005
Develop Threat Model Identify, understand, and prioritize potential engagement targets. SAC0004
Persona Creation Plan and create a fictitious human user through a combination of planted data and revealed behavior patterns in support of your strategic objectives SAC0002
Strategic Goal Define the objective of the desired end-state of your adversary engagement operations. SAC0001
Storyboarding Plan and create the deception story. SAC0003