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Mapping To Ajax Security Team

Ajax Security Team is a group that has been active since at least 2010 and believed to be operating out of Iran. By 2014 Ajax Security Team transitioned from website defacement operations to malware-based cyber espionage campaigns targeting the US defense industrial base and Iranian users of anti-censorship technologies.Disclaimer: We present this mapping to stimulate thinking about engagement activities to take advantage of the historically observed behavior of adversary, not to present all possibilities. We invite you to use this as a guide, understanding that adversary behavior is constantly changing and evolving.

Note: All ATT&CK Group sub-activity mappings have been remapped to their parent activity and were derived from Group Technique mappings in ATT&CK v8.

ATT&CK ID: G0130
Associated Groups:  Ajax Security Team, Operation Woolen-Goldfish, AjaxTM, Rocket Kitten, Flying Kitten, Operation Saffron Rose
Note:  This page uses Adversary Group data from MITRE ATT&CK.

ATT&CK® Technique Adversary Vulnerability Engagement Activity Engagement Activity Description
Stay tuned for more mappings with this adversary. As Techniques are added to the MITRE ATT&CK group page for this adversary we will look to add content here as well.