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Goals are the big objective you would like to accomplish. Selecting a goal should be the first step in any adversary engagement operation. Once you have selected your goal, all other activities should be selected to drive progress towards that goal.

Goals in Engage can be Engagement Goals or Strategic Goals. Strategic Goals help you to focus on the steps you must complete before, during, and after an operation to ensure that your activities are aligned with your overall strategy. Strategic Goals ensure that your operations of today inform your operations of tomorrow. All Strategic Goals have an ID that starts with SGO. Engagement Goals help you to identify what actions you would like to take against your adversary and help you to drive progress towards that impact. All Engagement Goals have an ID that starts with EGO.

Check out each of the various goals below for an in-depth discussion on each specific goal.

Strategic Goals

Prepare Help the defender think about what they want to accomplish with operations. SGO0001
Understand Make sure that the defender is capturing, utilizing, and refining knowledge learned to improve the defender's posture. SGO0002

Engagement Goals

Expose Reveal the presence of ongoing adversary operations. EGO0001
Affect Negatively impact the adversaries operations. EGO0002
Elicit Learn about adversaries tactics, techniques, and procedures. EGO0003