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Help the defender think about what they want to accomplish with operations.

Prepare is used to ensure the defender drives progress during adversary engagement operations towards a desired end-state or Strategic Goal. To support this aim, the defender must first generate a clear picture of their organization and the threat landscape. This understanding should include their current security posture, including known strengths and weaknesses, and an inventory of priority cyber assets, including key intellectual property. The defender should then examine and update the threat models for any identified adversaries.

These various assessments and models should enable the defender to identify their strategic goal. At this point, all activities should be aligned with this goal. Once a goal has been selected, the defender must work to plan for the operation by identifying a target adversary, creating the necessary Personas, generating an operational storyboard, etc. Finally, the key stakeholders should be called on to establish rules for operational safety and acceptable risk. At each step in the planning process, the defender should incorporate intelligence gained from previous operations to ensure that future operations can run more effectively and efficiently.

Engage defines a single approach to make progress towards the Prepare goal.

  • Planning focuses collecting the various existing sources of intelligence together to inform the selection of a strategic goal and then to drive progress towards that goal.
Unlike the Engagement Goals, Prepare has only a single approach. This laser focus is intentional for the first release of Engage.

Engage seeks to highlight that denial, deception, and adversary engagement activities cannot be viewed as "fire and forget". Unlike many defensive technologies, these activities must be viewed only in context of how they inform and drive progress towards larger strategic goals. To this end, Prepare is essential to ensure that every action taken in an engagement operation drives progress towards a unified goal.

ID: SGO0001
Type:  Strategic 


Approach NameDescriptionID
Planning Identify and align an operation with a desired end-state. SAP0001