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How Does Denial, Deception, and Adversary Engagement Fit Into My Existing Defenses?

Denial, deception, and adversary engagement technologies do not replace your current SOC operations. These technologies work alongside your current defenses. You can think of these technologies as a dam. You build walls, with your current defensive strategies, to stop what you can and incorporate deception technologies to channel and move adversaries in ways that benefit you, the defender.

What is MITRE Engage™?

MITRE Engage™ is a framework for discussing and planning adversary engagement, deception, and denial activities. Engage is informed by adversary behavior observed in the real world and is intended to drive strategic cyber outcomes. Engage was created to help the private sector, government, and vendor communities to plan and execute the use of adversary engagement strategies and technologies.

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How Do You Use MITRE Engage™?

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