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ATT&CK is a knowledge base of cyber adversary behavior and taxonomy for adversarial actions across their lifecycle. ATT&CK has several parts: PRE-ATT&CK, which focuses on reconnaissance and infrastructure setup, ATT&CK for Enterprise, which covers behavior against enterprise IT networks and cloud, and ATT&CK for Mobile, which focuses on behavior against mobile devices.


The Cyber Analytics Repository (CAR) is a knowledge base of analytics developed by MITRE based on the ATT&CK adversary model.


D3FEND is a knowledge base, but more specifically a knowledge graph, of cybersecurity countermeasure techniques. In the simplest sense, it is a catalog of defensive cybersecurity techniques and their relationships to offensive/adversary techniques. The primary goal of the initial D3FEND release is to help standardize the vocabulary used to describe defensive cybersecurity technology functionality.


MITRE ATT&CK Defender is the cybersecurity community’s new ATT&CK training and certification program produced by MITRE’s own ATT&CK subject matter experts.

Our mission is to close the cybersecurity skills gap with ATT&CK. Certified Defenders use ATT&CK for threat-informed defense and organizations can now unearth practitioners with mastery in the application of ATT&CK across disciplines.


The mission of the CVE® Program is to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.