We welcome your feedback about MITRE Engage™ v0.9 Beta: Email us at engage@mitre.org


Engage is a work in progress; MITRE is releasing it now because we think it is ready enough to stimulate conversations about denial, deception, adversary engagement, and the ways we defenders can use these technologies to change the game.

Due to the tremendous outpouring of community responses to our beta release, the V1 launch has been pushed to early 2022 to give our team enough time to collect and incorporate this feedback.

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What is MITRE Engage™?

MITRE Engage is a framework for discussing and planning adversary engagement, deception, and denial activities. Engage is informed by adversary behavior observed in the real world and is intended to drive strategic cyber outcomes. Engage was created to help the private sector, government, and vendor communities to plan and execute the use of adversary engagement strategies and technologies.

For a full exploration of the structure and terminology you will find in Engage, click here.

How Do You Use MITRE Engage™?

Want to better understand how Engage supports your goals? Choose from the list below to explore how Engage can support your cyber activities.

For a more detailed look at how to get started with Engage and denial, deception, and adversary engagement technologies, click here.

What Happened to Shield?

MITRE Engage™ replaces the MITRE Shield knowledge base. Based on technical feedback from the cyber community, we’ve streamlined Shield to focus on the areas of denial, deception, and adversary engagement. By bookending these engagement activities with strategic planning and analysis, we hope that MITRE Engage will help organizations to better plan and implement real-world adversary engagement strategies and advance the cybersecurity ecosystem.

For a full exploration of the changes between MITRE Shield and MITRE Engage, click here.

How Do I Contribute?

Engage is in a constant state of development, and we are always on the lookout for new information to include in the knowledge base. If you have found an issue, have general feedback, are interested in collaborating, or would like to add additional content, then we would like to hear from you. Check out how to contact us here.

For a full look at how to contribute to MITRE Engage™, click here.