A decision maker's briefcase with an Engage "snare" badge in it

Engage for Decision Makers

MITRE Engage™ seeks to help CISOs and other security decision makers understand how denial, deception, and adversary engagement fit into their organization’s current cyber strategy.

We at MITRE are strong believers that cyber deception technologies, unlike many other defensive technologies, are not “fire and forget.” Rather, deception technologies should be deployed as part of an intentional strategy that drives toward well understood goals. As such, Engage is designed to help decision makers:

  • Create policies and procedures for safe network operation and response to incidents. Engage introduces planning and adapting as fundamental components of the framework. While planning and adapting are CISO functions, the practitioner needs know how activities like collection, reassurance, and motivation can lead to the detection of incidents.
  • Reduce risks to information and related technologies. Engage lays out activities to support the detection, prevention, direction, and disruption of adversaries. We believe that employing these activities can support the mission of risk reduction.
  • Protect information and assets. While denial activities limit an adversary’s access to legitimate information, deception performs an additional protection mechanism. Providing misinformation about systems or data can decrease the trust or value an adversary puts into those assets. Decreasing value and trust typically will cause an adversary to avoid those objects.

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