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The Tularosa Study

An Experimental Design and Implementation to Quantify the Effectiveness of Cyber Deception

The Tularosa study was designed to understand how defensive deception–including both cyber and psychological–affects cyber attackers. Over 130 red teamers participated in a network penetration task over two days in which we controlled both the presence of and explicit mention of deceptive defensive techniques.

Kimberly Ferguson-Walter, Temmie Shade, Andrew Rogers, Mike Trumbo, Kevin Nauer, Kristin Divis, Aaron Jones, Angela Combs, Robert Abbott

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Intro To Cyber Deception

Kevin Fiscus of Take Back the Advantage on YouTube

This is a brief overview of why cyber deception is needed, what it is, and what benefits it can provide.

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Let’s get Active about Defense

Sahir Hidayatullah joins the Zscaler CISO team on The CISO’s Gambit

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Intro to Active Defense & Cyber Deception

Black Hills Information Security

This free class was about 4-hours long with hands-on labs. It’s the first half of the first day of the training class normally taught at Wild West Hackin’ Fest.

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Am I Ready for Deception?

CounterCraft on YouTube

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