The Engage Matrix

The Matrix is a shared reference that bridges the gap between defenders, vendors, and decision-makers when discussing and planning denial, deception, and adversary engagement activities.

The MITRE Engage Matrix is informed by adversary behavior observed in the real world and is intended to drive strategic cyber outcomes. The Matrix consists of the following core components: Goals, Approaches, and Activities. Strategic goals, approaches, and activities bookend the Matrix and ensure that defenders appropriately drive operations with strategic planning and analysis. Engagement goals, approaches, and activities are the traditional cyber denial and deception activities used to drive progress towards the defender’s strategic goals. Every Goal, Approach, and Activity has a unique ID. Strategic GOals begin with SGO. Engagement GOals begin with EGO. Strategic APproaches begin with SAP. Engagement APproaches begin with EAP. Strategic ACtivities begin with SAC. Engagement ACtivities begin with EAC.

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