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My Goal: To Learn More About How Deception Tooling Maps to Engage


While MITRE Engage™ provides a framework for planning and discussing denial, deception, and adversary engagement technologies, at this time, we do not provide any mappings to implementations that exist in the vendor/researcher community. This is where we need your help. Do you have a tool that implements one of our activities? Or, conversely, do you have a tool that implements a denial, deception, or adversary engagement activity that is not represented? Click here for information on how to contribute to Engage.

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If you have not already, click here for a full exploration of the structure and terminology you will find in Engage.

To understand how your tooling aligns with Engage, we recommend beginning with the Matrix view. This will give you a high-level view of the relationships across all of the Strategic and Engagement Activities.

Step 1: Look at the Goals.

Next, we recommend you examine each specific Goal. Read each definition. Does your tooling help defenders achieve a similar goal?

Step 2: Look at the Approaches.

If you answered yes, look at each of the Approaches associated with the relevant goal(s). Does your tooling take a similar approach to achieve the desired outcome?

Step 3: Look at the Activities.

If you answered yes again, take a look at each of the Activities associated with the relevant Approach(es). Does your tooling implement one of these Activities? Whether or not your tool maps directly to an Engage activity, we want to hear from you! In the future we would like to extend Engage to provide references to published examples of research, vendor products, etc. that implement a given activity. While we do not want Engage to advocate for a specific product, or provide so many implementation details so as to give away tells for a tool, we do want to help the community identify available tooling.